Chamonix, France


  • Population: 8,611
  • Land Area: 245.46 km2
  • Language: French
  • Currency: € EURO (EUR)
  • Visa: British citizens do not require a visa if spending up to 90 days over a 180 days period. A Long Stay visa will need if staying in France for more than 90 days
  • Closest Airport: Geneva Airport (GVA)
  • Flight duration: 1 hour 5o mins (direct from UK)
  • Getting to Chamonix Valley: An hour drive from Geneva Airport

Chamonix is located in the South East of France, bordering Switzerland and Italy. The world’s well known Mont Blanc is the highest summit (4810m) in the French Alps and the highest point in Europe.

Chamonix is a magical place to me, it's my favourite all rounded destination. As an outdoorsy sporty person, I love to explore places that have various choice of activities all year round and I also enjoy soaking up in an inspiring scenery, and immerse myself in nature. Chamonix offers everything I need. I have fallen in love with the French Alps since my first visit. The Valley is a popular ski resort in the winter. Apart from skiing, there is so much more you can do outside of the winter season. The entire scenery changes in the summer, it transforms into a fairytale looking green playground. When I visited this place in the summer, my partner convinced me to try downhill mountain biking which I called an ''extreme sport'', I was brave enough to take up the challenge and somehow managed to get up there with full padded clothings, I just never quite made it down in one piece. Oh well... I now know that I am a competent cyclist, but not fit for downhill mountain biking. We have also done a lot of rock climbing in different areas, this place is a magnet for climbers and mountaineers, there are countless quality routes that would suit beginners and expert alike. Other activities include hiking, paragliding, golf, cycling and water rafting.

Since Chamonix does not have an airport in the region, the most common way getting to the valley would be fly to the nearby Geneva Airport with an hour drive to follow. Other service such as minibus and private taxi transfers are also available. Another option is to drive straight from the UK, through the ChannelTunnel or ferry to arrive in Calais, and then drive through France and head up to the beautiful French alps.

Places to visit in Chamonix:

Mont Blanc

Also known as the white mountain. Visitors can enjoy the scenery and views on various hiking trails or by taking one of the gondola lifts from Chamonix to the Aiguille Du Midi (3842m). If you're planning to reach to the summit, it's best to hire a guide, unless you're a very experienced alpine climber.

Aiguille Du Midi
One of the most popular tourist destination, easily access by cable car from Chamonix Valley.

Mer De Glace

Recognised as the longest and the larger glacier in France.

Lac Blanc

One of the most beautiful high altitude mountain lake lays. The Lac Blanc hike is the most famous and classic hike in Chamonix.

Chamonix Town Centre

Where all the best stores, restaurants, cafes and clubs are.

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